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Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $850.00.

NAME : Alvin
GENDER : Female
AGE : 11 weeks old
Price : $850
AKC Registration,
BREED : Cane Corso
Good with Children: Yes
Good with other Dogs: Yes
1 year Genetic Health Guarantee

Meet Alvin: cane corso puppies for sale florida

Hey there! Allow me to introduce you to Alvin, a spectacular female Cane Corso from our home to yours at David Cane Corso Puppies Home. Alvin is more than just a dog; she’s a living testament to the beauty, intelligence, and companionship that define the Cane Corso breed.

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Alvin is a head-turner, no doubt about it. Her coat is a sleek canvas of the classic Cane Corso colors, showcasing the breed’s signature elegance. With a sturdy build and a confident demeanor, Alvin embodies the grace and power that makes Cane Corsos truly remarkable.

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What sets Alvin apart is her personality – she’s a true sweetheart. Alvin is the perfect blend of playful energy and affectionate charm. Whether she’s engaging in a game of fetch or snuggling up for a cozy evening, her delightful demeanor is infectious. Her expressive eyes reveal a deep intelligence, making every interaction with her a joy.

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Raised in a loving and social environment, Alvin is a people-loving socialite. Her friendly nature extends not only to her human family but also to other pets, making her a versatile companion for any household. Alvin is not just a pet; she’s a beloved member of our family, and we know she’ll bring that same love into yours.

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At David Cane Corso Puppies Home, we take pride in ensuring the health and well-being of our dogs, and Alvin is no exception. She has received top-notch veterinary care, regular check-ups, and a nutritious diet to keep her in tip-top shape. A happy and healthy Alvin awaits her forever home.



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