king corso puppies for sale ,

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $850.00.

NAME : Amanda
GENDER : Female
AGE : 11 weeks old
Price : $850
AKC Registration,
BREED : Cane Corso
Good with Children: Yes
Good with other Dogs: Yes
1 year Genetic Health Guarantee

Meet Amanda:king corso puppies for sale


Meet Amanda, a stunning and charismatic female Cane Corso from David Cane Corso Puppies Home. Amanda is more than just a dog; she’s a testament to the commitment and passion that defines our breeding program.

 cane corso puppies

Amanda is a true beauty, with her regal stature and impeccable conformation to the Cane Corso breed standards. Her coat is a lustrous example of the breed’s short and dense fur, highlighting her striking coloration. Her broad head, expressive eyes, and powerful jaw give her an unmistakable presence that commands attention.

cane corso puppies for sale

What sets Amanda apart is her exceptional temperament. She is the embodiment of the Cane Corso’s gentle and loyal nature. Whether she’s at play or curled up by your side, Amanda exudes an undeniable sense of loyalty and affection. Her intelligence is evident in her quick learning and responsive behavior, making her a joy to be around.

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Amanda has been raised in a loving and nurturing environment, ensuring she is well-socialized and comfortable with various situations. Her friendly demeanor extends not only to her human family but also to other pets, making her a versatile companion for any household.

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At David Cane Corso Puppies Home, we prioritize the health and well-being of our dogs, and Amanda is no exception. She has undergone thorough health checks and receives regular veterinary care to ensure she is in prime condition. Her vitality and energy are a testament to the care and attention she has received since birth.

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Amanda is not just a beautiful face – she is also a well-trained and disciplined Cane Corso. From basic commands to leash manners, Amanda has been taught with positive reinforcement methods, resulting in a well-behaved and obedient companion. Her eagerness to learn and please makes her an ideal addition to any family.

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Amanda is not just a dog; she’s a family companion ready to bring joy, love, and protection to her new home. Cane Corsos are known for their loyalty, and Amanda is no exception. Whether you’re seeking a devoted guardian or a loving playmate for your children, Amanda is the perfect choice.

Choosing Amanda from David Cane Corso Puppies Home means inviting a remarkable and well-rounded Cane Corso into your life. Her beauty, intelligence, and loving nature make her an ideal addition to any family seeking a loyal and exceptional canine companion. Contact us today to learn more about Amanda and how she can become a cherished member of your family.



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